What Is A Furnace Pressure Switch? Some Best Tips & How To Replace It

The furnace system is a primary source of heat in winter for most residences in the USA. Several other heating solutions are more efficient than a furnace, but most people rely on furnaces to keep warm indoors. It would be best if you were extremely cautious when working on fixing the furnace system because one error in the repair process may cost you an expensive repair service.

If your furnace system is switching on or working irregularly, then the furnace pressure switch can be one of the reasons behind it.

Let’s learn more about the furnace pressure switch and how to replace a faulty switch as suggested by our furnace repair in Gresham from Absolute Comfort Heating and Cooling Inc.

Information About The Furnace Pressure Switch

A circular contraption that you see when you open the furnace system’s outdoor unit lid is what is the furnace pressure switch. It is a puck-shaped component responsible for controlling the electrical power coming from the source.

It helps to stop the electrical current flow when you switch off the furnace system. Another essential thing you should know about the furnace pressure switch is that you do not need to operate it manually. Get in touch with our furnace installation in Gresham for assistance.

How Does A Furnace Pressure Switch Work?

A furnace pressure switch turns off the furnace system automatically with the help of pressure created by the inducer fan. A rubber tube connects the furnace pressure with the inducer fan. An inducer or draft inducer is a fan located near the heat exchanger.

It draws in the air for the combustion in the furnace system. When the draft inducer starts working, it creates a suction, which switches on the furnace pressure switch. When the furnace pressure switch is on, the current starts flowing to the ignitor and starts the ignition process.

An Expert Guide To Replace The Furnace Pressure Switch

If you follow the guide below provided by our expert furnace replacement in Gresham, you will be able to quickly replace the pressure switch and restart your furnace system in no time.

  • Turn off all the switches and circuit breakers before you start working on the furnace system.
  • Disconnect the wires and the rubber tube connected to the pressure switch.
  • Find the pressure switch and remove it from its place with the bracket. The new pressure switch comes with a bracket, so pull out the entire switch.
  • Attach the new switch and carefully replace the wires and rubber tube.
  • Switch all the power switches and see if the furnace system resumes its functionality.


Replacing the pressure switch is relatively easy, but it is always better to consult our skilled furnace repair in Gresham before you replace it. Our technician will guide you and help simplify the task.

Absolute Comfort Heating and Cooling Inc. technicians are always here to help the residents resolve HVAC problems. Dial (503) 956-5550, and we will be ready to help you by providing the best solutions and services!

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