Heat Pump Services In Boring, OR

Heat Pump Services In Boring, Gresham, Fairview, NE Portland, Damascus, OR, And Surrounding Areas

You depend on your heating system to keep your house warm in winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. However, if your heat pump cannot generate the heated or cold air your home requires, it will usually indicate that something isn’t working correctly. 

Our Best Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services in Boring, Gresham, Fairview, NE Portland, Damascus, OR And Surrounding Areas | Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling NW, Inc.

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The Signs Of A Problem With The Heat Pump

  • The coils are becoming iced: If you see an accumulation of ice on the coil, your heat pump might be experiencing two kinds of issues. There could be an issue with the refrigerant; in this case, you’ll need heating repair. Another possibility is that the coil is too dirty for heat absorption. This requires our technician to take the coil off and clean it.

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  • Grinding or clicking sound: The two most frequently heard warning signals are grinding and clicking. The clicking sound is typically a sign that one capacitor is on the brink of failure. It shows that motors have lost their lubrication or are dirty and could quickly go out of service. In both instances, you’ll require repair technicians to repair the malfunctioning motor.
  • Heat pump stuck in one state: If your heat pump can either cool or heat, not do both, the issue may be related to the reversing valve. This valve permits refrigerants to alter the direction of their circulation through the system. This is how the heat pump shifts from cooling to heating or vice versa. Contact our specialist to replace the reversing valve.

How To Prevent Future Heat Pump Issues?

Most manufacturers recommend heat pump services at least twice a year for the system. This is because heat pumps are used for cooling and heating, which means they are operational all year round. Many things are taken care of during pump maintenance, such as cleaning and checking the unit.

This allows our technicians to detect HVAC problems that are relatively small and then make repairs before they become more significant issues. The maintenance of your unit every six months is the most effective way to avoid future issues with your heat pump and prolong the life of your heater.

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