Value of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Do you wonder if you will get any benefits from AC maintenance service or notice any difference in your AC system after receiving AC maintenance service from a professional AC repair company in Boring, OR?

Our experienced experts guarantee that you will see the difference!

Signs That Indicate You Need an AC Maintenance Service

Your AC system shows signs before breaking down or when an issue is building and affecting the AC system’s functioning. If you see the hints, you can quickly save your money from spending on unnecessary repairs.

According to our AC maintenance experts in Gresham, OR, here are some signs that you should look for in your AC system that hints at maintenance service:

  1. Loud and disturbing noises disrupt your sleep.
  2. Short cycling of the AC system.
  3. Strange smells from the AC system cause discomfort in the atmosphere
  4. Increase moisture in the air
  5. A sudden spike in the electricity bills
  6. Less air or no air coming from the AC vents.

All these signs reduce the comfort in your home, and ignoring the symptoms can invite numerous problems that could have been avoided if you scheduled the maintenance service on time!

Why Do You Need to Schedule a Timely AC Maintenance Service?

Here are some reasons why your AC system needs maintenance service to carry on with the same quality service for the whole season:

  1. Dust starts accumulating on the air filters that will soon block the air filter from exchanging the air from the outside environment to the system.
  2. If the compressor does not get enough air, it consumes more energy to generate power to deliver optimum services.
  3. The maintenance services check the refrigerant levels because a leak in the coils or a decrease in the refrigerant levels can cause the AC system to work more than its capacity.
  4. Worn-out insulation cover of electrical or loose wires can cause issues in the connectivity, and the AC system may deliver inefficient services.
  5. Some manufacturers offer free repairs or replacement services within the warranty period if the AC system is properly maintained annually.

The Perfect Time for Replacing the AC System!

During a yearly inspection of your AC system, the AC maintenance technician in Gresham, OR, will suggest to you whether it is time to replace the AC system. You can sell the air conditioning unit in exchange for a price instead of disposing or discarding your broken down air conditioning system in waste, which is harmful to the environment.

Here are some signs that indicate it is better to bring in a new AC unit instead of blowing off your money on unguaranteed repairs:

  • You set the AC thermostat at an extreme temperature for minimal cooling services.
  • The AC system needs maintenance services every three months to lower the noise.
  • AC system evaporator efficiency is decreased to remove the moisture from your home to an extent where you need to take the help of a dehumidification service.
  • Frequent calls for AC repair in Boring, OR, is also not a good sign.
  • When the electricity bills are continuously rising, you should call the AC repair technician for a quick check.

Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling NW Inc. will help keep your AC system in the best health and assist in finding the perfect AC replacement unit. Call our AC maintenance technician in Gresham, OR, for quick maintenance services!

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