Top 8 Tips for Maintenance of a Furnace

The furnace is the one thing that matters most when the temperature outside goes below a two-digit number. You can understand how essential it is to keep the system in the best condition. In this situation, furnace maintenance becomes necessary. The more you are attentive to it, the better service it can provide.

Top 8 Tips You Can Follow to Maintain Your Furnace at Home

When you opt for furnace installation in Gresham, you can follow several DIY tips to maintain your furnace, and your heating system will be more efficient and provide you with long service.

Clean or Replace the Furnace Filters

The filters make your home environment comfortable and indoor air fresh. Inspect the condition of the filters and opt for replacement if these filters are too dirty or clogged with excessive debris.

Ensure the Thermostat Is Functioning Well

The thermostat maintains an equal distribution of heat across your house. For this to happen, the thermostat setting must be set to the heat option following the room temperature. When you are careful about the thermostat setting, the furnace can work exceptionally well.

That is why almost all the professional furnace repair technicians in Gresham suggest every homeowner check this setting at the earliest.

Clear the Air Vents.

The air vents should be checked daily for any blockage and debris. Any obstruction in the vent passage could lead to the furnace breakdown, an unhealthy environment, and other issues. You can also hire a reliable furnace installation service provider in Gresham to check the vents regularly.

Clean and Clear the Indoor Unit

Apart from cleaning various external parts of the furnace, you should be careful with the indoor unit. Ensure that nothing is blocking the air from the furnace. You can start by vacuuming and sweeping the inside of the furnace during furnace maintenance.

Clean and Clear the Outdoor Unit

In most cases, outdoor units are covered with debris, dry leaves, and even snow. Keep it clean as much as possible. You can also opt for a shade by consulting a furnace repair technician in Gresham.

Inspect the Pilot Light

A healthy furnace should have a blue pilot light. If it turns into any other color, your system might be harmed. Clean the burner area, remove debris, and restart the system to ensure everything is in order.

Clean the Drain Pipes

Every modern furnace system has an efficient drainage system or condensate lines to channel water away from the unit. As a result, the system remains dry, and mold or mildew can’t grow there. You should ensure these drain pipes are clean and in proper condition.

Schedule Maintenance Service

After furnace installation in Gresham, you must schedule adequate maintenance service. Schedule maintenance service at least twice a year to ensure your furnace’s efficiency and low energy consumption.

Bottom Line

Furnace maintenance is pivotal if you want to make the investment in the heating system profitable. In such a situation, you require the service of a reliable HVAC company- Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling NW, Inc.

We are a group of professional technicians with years of experience. Our comprehensive HVAC service is affordable and has a 100% satisfaction rate. Call us at (503) 956-5550 to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Gresham.

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