This Is What Happens If Your Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Tuned-Up

Spring Cleaning Preparations for Maximum Performance

Coming closer to summer, it’s probably been several months since the AC unit has been turned on.

Because it has been sitting unused for so long, it is a great idea to have someone check on it to ensure that it will operate appropriately and that everything is still in working condition. A thorough system scan can predict or avert any unforeseen faults.

Generally, Regular Maintenance is Less Expensive than Repairs

While we cannot promise that your AC will not break down or have any problems over the summer, we can inspect it to ensure that all parts are in good working order and that nothing has to be changed. Preventative maintenance nearly usually saves money and helps to avert issues.

Preventative maintenance is required if you have a piece of older equipment. A professional tune-up guarantees that the system is running effectively, that no outdated or ‘maxed-out’ parts need to be replaced, and that your system will perform when needed.

A Tune-up Improves Efficiency and Lowers Cooling Costs

Without regular maintenance, your A/C system might lose 5% of its working efficiency each year, which means your home isn’t cooling as effectively as it could if the unit was clean and well-maintained.

Furthermore, when the unit isn’t running at optimal efficiency and isn’t efficiently cooling, it will run more frequently, increasing your monthly power cost. Running the team more regularly might also put pressure on it, resulting in pricey repairs.

As a result, you may find up with increased expenses, unexpected, pricey repairs, and being uncomfortably hot!

A Well-maintained Air Conditioner Lasts Longer.

Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of anything breaking, which reduces the frequency of repairs and can extend the item’s life. If the unit is not cleaned and inspected regularly, its efficiency may suffer, perhaps leading to further repairs and the complete failure of the till. It will also keep the system running at peak performance, preventing issues and running like new.

The EPA, EnergyStar, and USDE Recommend Routine Maintenance

Regular or yearly air conditioner maintenance is recommended by the EPA, EnergyStar, and the US Department of Energy. Their suggestions are based on the factors stated above, such as cost efficiency, performance efficiency, etc. For air conditioning services in Boring, Gresham, please contact us.

Regular Maintenance Complies with Warranty Requirements

Ignoring maintenance may result in the voiding of your unit’s warranty. Most new air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty as standard. This warranty is often predicated on the condition that you keep your AC in good working order. We also offer AC repair in Gresham and surrounding areas. Contact us for an appointment or any assistance.

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